Asian Theme


Some fun design work I got to do for Cupcakes and Critters! This bad boy will forever be in revisions but I learn something new each time. Keep at it guys.


Easter Bunny!


Quick comp for Cupcakes & Critters! Those eggs are due for an update and I also never painted clouds before so this is my soft approach but the background still needs more love! Yes! Will try more defined clouds soon. Hope everyone has a good and Happy Easter!


Sugar Glider!

Please enjoy our new cuddly character on Cupcakes and Critters, a sugar glider!  This is some work in progress on fur tests! Banner above shows final render!Photo May 22, 8 27 54 AM Photo May 22, 8 27 57 AMglider1

Originally this sugar glider was to be a cupcake character topping but we later came to the decision of creating the Sugar Glider as a Hero character that protects the cupcakes.