Junior Year

Junior Year

 Torch Ginger Flower

Finals are over.  I love working with my partner Alejandra who is an inspiration and muse to my mind. Now concluding my junior year at the School of Visual Arts, I have a thesis to jump on for the summer. It set Alejandra and myself in the right direction. We’re considering visiting Puerto Rico for research on jungles and nature at its fullest. I take pride in our thesis with a drive full throttle!

Ice Age Trees

Much of the work during my junior year was research, tests and learning to make mistakes (and how to fix them). I’ve had a great deal of experience with graduating seniors and understanding the trials and tribulations of successful projects. I don’t want to just become good, I want to be professional.  It gave me opportunity to participate in those first steps in that process. It’s safe to say I have learned how important it is to be clean. In every part of life!

Roger the Mechanic

SVA’s Portfolio Night was last Wednesday, congradulations seniors! It was a great day for all my colleagues. I met some great people and heard many thoughts of directors and coordinators.

Gotta hit the next mark, this sweetheart Kona is getting some blend shapes for some facial animation i am excited about!


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