Cupcakes & Critters, Building A Community

Thank you again to Autodesk Maya LT for featuring us in this awesome documentary series about indie game development! Check it out here,

In this part we talk about our amazing community and how important your feedback is to our development process. We also featured some pictures and videos of our community!

We are currently looking for Beta Testers for the iOS version of our game which will be released in early 2015. Let me know, if you are interested in becoming one of our testers and please stay tuned to see the game develop into a social experience.

Sugar Glider!

Please enjoy our new cuddly character on Cupcakes and Critters, a sugar glider!  This is some work in progress on fur tests! Banner above shows final render!Photo May 22, 8 27 54 AM Photo May 22, 8 27 57 AMglider1

Originally this sugar glider was to be a cupcake character topping but we later came to the decision of creating the Sugar Glider as a Hero character that protects the cupcakes.

Digital Artist in New York City. CG artist. Active Illustrator. Breathing Design.


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